"The most common type is freestanding, called such because it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen given that it is finished on all sides. Slide-in and drop-in models, in contrast, have unfinished sides, making them useful only when surrounded by cabinetry. Drop-ins provide the most built-in look as the unit sits behind the cabinet baseboard." Jessup's Major Appliances, Sarasota FL

Must Know Appliance Buying Tips

Best Buy, Home Depot & Lowe's are currently your best choices.

Before you start shopping for new kitchen appliances, make sure you have a well-thought-out plan for your kitchen renovation. You should identify goals and priorities. Here are some great tips from local experts when planning your next major appliance purchase:  


"The most common dishwasher width sold is 24 inches, always bring accurate cut-out dimensions when shopping. Homeowners with granite or other solid-surface countertops should seek out models that mount to the cabinetry on the sides rather than the underside of the countertop." Jessup's Major Appliances, Sarasota FL

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"Refrigerators come in three main body configurations: side-by-side, top-mounted freezer, and bottom-mounted freezer. The popular French-door style is a newer sub-set of the bottom-mounted freezer. Generally, refrigerators increase in capacity and price along with convenience and style." Jessup's Major Appliances, Sarasota FL

Other Home Improvement Ideas