Installations often are some of the most overlooked ways to add safety, value and comfort to your home. All installations should look as though they were installed when the home was built. Whether you are installing new smoke detectors, replacing the panel box or getting that beautiful chandelier hung over the dining room table. Here are some great tips from local experts when planning your next home electrical project:  


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"Your home’s systems are complex. That’s why regular maintenance from trusted professionals is so important. Look for a good repair and maintenance plan for all the key systems in your home. They’re designed to spot issues before they develop. And take care of them right away if they do. Pre-planned protection can help you avoid unexpected costs." Mister Sparky

"Ceiling fans provide a great deal of comfort, but installing a new or replacement ceiling fan can be difficult. That’s why you should hire a professional for fast, affordable ceiling fan installation services.." Mister Sparky

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