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Shoppers prefer durable, long lasting furniture to last for many years. People also prefer American-made, high quality furniture. Quality is the top criteria for furniture shoppers, many are willing to pay more for high-quality pieces.  

Wood furniture is the most financially savvy furniture option. It outperforms other materials on a cost-per-use basis. To figure cost by use, divide the number of uses by the cost. Furniture that lasts longer will result in the best value. Wood is the most durable option, followed by veneer and three-layer plywood. Particleboard, pressed wood, and fiberboard are at the bottom of the durability scale. Most owners expect their high quality wood furniture to last for more than 15 years. 

Quality Amish furniture is built for generations of use. It is carefully built and finished by hand. Amish craftsmanship techniques have been passed down through the generations, resulting in intricate detailing that can only be found on hand-made pieces. Catalyzed conversion varnish creates a resilient finish for our Amish furniture. This finishing technique preserves the wood’s beauty while providing stronger protection than lacquer or polyurethane.

We spend our lives using our furniture—so it makes sense to buy pieces that are visually appealing, comfortable, and made to last. Quality Amish furniture will exceed your expectations for beauty, functionality, and durability.

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