Simple Rules of Thumb When Selecting Paver Color

  • Most experts suggest selecting hues that harmonize with your home. For example, pavers that are a few shades lighter than your home won’t compete with it, allowing the structure itself to serve as a focal point without confusing the eye. 
  • It’s easy for homeowners to default to natural tone pavers because they blend well with surroundings. However, even natural tones can have hues of pink, yellow, or gray that might be accented by sunlight or water from irrigation overspray. So it’s important to scrutinize pavers with natural tones extremely well to make sure that the color is right for your home. 
  • It is highly recommended that homeowners ask their installer for multiple samples to lay out and live for a while with before officially choosing a paver color. Be sure to ask for a variety of options so that you can examine the hues in each paver combination. Though it may take additional effort, try to have a look at a large scale installation of the paver color you like to further understand what your outdoor living space will look like.


Turn your driveway, walkway or your pool deck into one of the most beautiful areas of your home. There are many choices when it come to outdoor surfaces for your home that beauty, are affordable and long lasting, all of which bring increased value to your home. Get ideas ranging from brick pavers and concrete engraved designs to the natural stone look. Here are some great tips from local experts when planning your next driveway or pool lanai surface project:  

Outdoor Surface Ideas

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