Motorized exterior screens absorb heat, reduce glare and block the sun to create your ideal ambiance. They provide a comfortable interior by blocking solar rays, which protects your furniture, reduces glare and also saves money on heating and cooling costs. Motorized exterior screens can also be used in places such as windows, doors, and
even larger openings to create a pleasant and pest-free outdoor area to enjoy. Here are some great tips from local experts when thinking about Awnings and Roll Screens for your home:  

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10 Ways to Incorporate Awnings


"Are you thinking about installing an exterior screen?  Consider a motorized screen to maximize the enjoyment of your home. Motorized exterior screens allow you to spend your time how you wish and create the home environment of your choice.  They can be operated with remotes, wall switches, timers or sensors and can even be controlled with your favorite smartphone or tablet.." Marygrove Roll Screens

"Your home’s outdoor areas can easily be transformed into your own personal oasis when you equip your deck or patio with a retractable awning. Awnings can transform, expand and enhance your home or businesses outdoor living area by letting in sun when you want it but delivering comfortable shade when you need it. Whether your needs are better served by a retractable motorized awnings or a manual awning, you’re sure to craft the perfect day in the shade." Marygrove Roll Screens